OkCupid Launches New Marketing Campaign in India

  • Tuesday, September 10 2019 @ 10:34 am
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OkCupid's New India Marketing Campaign

OkCupid is known for its progressive approach to dating, and soon after its provocative “DTF” campaign in the U.S., the dating app company is launching another unconventional ad campaign in India to appeal to younger daters.

The new campaign is called “Find My Kind,” and aims to give more agency to people looking for a partner. Indian singles have typically adhered to tradition when it comes to finding partners – relying on friends and family members to set them up on dates or seeking arranged marriages.

But younger daters, and especially female daters, have more agency in modern India because they are career-focused and more financially independent than previous generations. In order to appeal to potential customers who are part of this cultural shift - but might not know how to meet potential dates outside of familiar circles - OkCupid has designed an ad that takes viewers through the dating app process.

The ad follows the story from the perspectives of a single man and woman who ignore their family members and friends who try and set them up with partners, and instead choose to use the app so they can look for their own. Through the app’s questions and their responses, and also through their daily life challenges of pursuing their own desires instead of doing what they are “expected” to do, they eventually meet and find love outside of their friends and family networks.

OkCupid is also taking an interesting approach in how the campaign is unveiled. According to website a.list, in addition to airing the ad on national television networks (with a focus on English channels), the campaign will also include an all-female comedy tour across Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, where “stand up acts will explore the lives of Millennials who grew up in India and their experiences with dating.”

The campaign will also feature billboards and print ads, as well as partnerships with social media influencer's and advocates for choosing your own partner when it comes to dating and marriage.

OkCupid is one of Match Group’s suite of dating apps, along with Tinder and Plenty of Fish among others. Match Group has focused its sights on Asian countries including India, where it sees the huge potential for growth. However, there are still cultural barriers for dating apps in Asian countries where people tend to be more conservative. In efforts to appeal to hesitant customers, Match Group is launching ad campaigns like OkCupid’s in India, and recently unveiled a new app called Pairs Engaged in Japan - a marriage concierge service that competes with the more expensive arranged marriage services found throughout the country.

“Today’s single Indian is battling ‘suitable’ recommendations by parents, friends, extended family or matrimonial services that don’t account for personal preferences. At the other end are exploratory dating services that don’t cater to Indian Millennials who want a genuine partnership based on shared personal values. OkCupid celebrates people who are expressing their own preferences in this important decision and empowers them to live life on their own terms,” said Shuti Gupta, the Brand Manager for OkCupid India.