New Dating Platform S’More Prioritizes Personality Over Looks

  • Thursday, December 19 2019 @ 06:56 am
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Adam Cohen-Aslatei, the former Managing Director of gay dating app Chappy, believes today’s singles are looking for “something more” than mindless swiping and superficial, appearance-focused dating platforms. That’s where S’More comes in. Cohen-Aslatei’s new dating app is designed to prioritize getting to know someone before deciding if you’re interested in them — and before you’ve even seen what they look like.

“Ten years ago, casual dating apps made it easy to find people nearby and the hook-up culture was born,” said Cohen-Aslatei. “Then came the second generation of dating apps with a lifestyles appeal, still for casual connections. However, most of the apps were still based on a ‘Hot or Not’ game, and while fun, left the majority of people hopelessly single. A reliance on dating the perfect selfie hasn’t worked, and today millenials are transitioning to relationships apps that focus on getting to know the whole person, which is critical when you’re looking for a relationship.”

To that end, S’More starts out by blurring every user’s photos. The more you engage with a match, the clearer their photos become and the more their private content unlocks. Profiles rely on icons, rather than text, to reveal information about the profile’s owner. You can indicate what interests you share with a match by liking (or “winking at,” in the parlance of S’More) an icon. Each profile features more than 20 possible criteria, each of which involves interactives icons and multimedia options, so your profile can be customized to reflect your personality and priorities.

“The greatest challenge is resetting expectations for consumers,” Cohen-Aslatei told TechCrunch. “We know that the swiping mechanism largely doesn’t work, but we’re providing another option which is, if you truly want to get to know someone, suspend physical judgement before you decide if you like them.”

Like most dating apps, the platform’s matching algorithm recommends matches based on location, age and sexual orientation. S’More also takes into account interests, hobbies, values, opinions and gender identities. Users receive five suggested profiles every day. As you interact with others on the platform, the algorithm learns about what you’re looking for and optimizes for those factors when suggesting new matches.

All S’More profiles feature a publicly-visible score. Users are asked to rate each other — not as dates, but on their behaviour on the platform. The rating system is an attempt to make S’More a safe, welcoming and pleasant environment for everyone. S’More also requires photo verification to reduce catfishing.

S’More is first launching in beta in Boston and the D.C. area, with plans to launch in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Austin and San Francisco over the coming months. Interested singles in other cities can sign up for the waitlist to be notified when S’More goes live in their location.