New Dating Platform ‘Pickable’ Lets Women Browse Anonymously

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No picture. No age. No name. No signup. A new dating app is taking anonymity to the extreme, but only for women.

Pickable bills itself as the first and only dating platform to completely remove women’s exposure in the online dating world. Female users of the recently-launched app are not required to upload a photo, write a description, or include their name and age in their profiles. In fact, they don’t have to sign up at all. Women can download Pickable and immediately start browsing with full anonymity, free from any fear that friends, family members, or colleagues might stumble across their profile.

Tamara Goldstein, the founder and CEO of Pickable, told Yahoo Finance that she was inspired to create the app after worrying that her own dating profile would be exposed to her professional network. She wanted her account to be visible only to relevant and appropriate men, while remaining hidden from any personal connections. When she couldn’t find an app that met her needs, she created her own.

Goldstein described how the app works to Yahoo Finance: “Women are browsing anonymously and that’s just so they have that feeling of protection. They’re not revealing their image, their name, their job […] to every single man on this dating app. Instead, they come across a profile that they like. They send a like and with that they send one photo of themselves. Therefore, they’re only really showing their likeness to a man they’re interested in speaking with.”

Pickable is also designed to streamline the dating experience for men. Male users upload a picture and set themselves as “pickable” for a certain timeframe. Then they sit back and relax, and wait for women to contact them. They never need to swipe through potential matches; they simply look through the chat requests they have received from women and choose who to reply to.

Pickable’s accounts for men feature a dashboard with real-time updates of women currently browsing nearby and looking at their pictures. Connections are location-based to encourage meeting in person over endlessly messaging. Overall, Pickable’s goal is to provide a dating platform that’s safe, uncomplicated, and convenient.

Goldstein says: “Pickable is revolutionizing the dating app space by building a platform that encourages easy, location-based dating, but at the same time getting entirely rid of women’s exposure and making safety a priority. No more swiping. Now it’s picking.”

Pickable is now available for iOS and Android. Watch the full interview with Yahoo Finance here.