New Dating App Ditto Experiments With Mutually Exclusive Matches

  • Tuesday, February 27 2018 @ 10:06 am
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Ditto Dating App
Image: Ditto

Fans of online dating cite access to a massive pool of potential matches as one of its best features. Detractors, on the other hand, call choice overload one of online dating’s greatest failures. If you fall into the latter camp, a new app is here to help ease the woes of overwhelm.

Ditto starts out like any other Tinder copycat. Users swipe through profiles until they spot one that catches their eye. They swipe right to indicate interest, and a right swipe in return makes a match.

That’s where things get interesting. On Ditto, matches are mutually exclusive until someone unmatches. Think of it as the dating app version of monogamy. A match can only be made with one person at a time, and swiping through other users is disabled until someone decides to end their current match.

In other words, on Ditto, less is more and quality takes precedence over quantity.

“Ditto's unique 1x1 rule was designed for those looking for meaningful connections,” explains the website. “A 1x1 connection gives you and your match the reassurance of being exclusive to one another while matched, simulating a real-world dating scenario and eliminating those virtual players.”

The assumption that people only date one person at a time offline seems outdated for 2018, but putting that aside, you can see what the creators are getting at. According to a write-up in Metro, the goal is to “bring some sincerity to a rather shallow culture while also encouraging a more straight forward conversation.”

So straight forward, in fact, that you can tell a rejected match exactly why you rejected them. After opting to unmatch from someone, you’re given a list reasons to choose from: inappropriate messages, not enough chemistry, long response times, showed little interest, and perhaps the most devastating of all, no real reason.

It sounds harsh to go into detail, but Ditto’s founders believe offering a reason is kinder than ghosting, as it leaves no room for false hope and lets both parties move forward without a hazy grey area.

You may be wondering what happens if someone is currently involved in a match when an intriguing new profile comes along. If you swipe right on someone who’s already chatting with someone else, you’ll be notified and they’ll be given the option to match with you instead.

Likewise, if you’re tempted by a new right swipe on your profile while you’re chatting with someone else, it’s up to you to decide whether to stick with your current match or unmatch them to take a gamble on the newbie.

Ditto doesn’t mince words about the experience it hopes to create: “With Ditto, only the sincere connections last. No useless and mindless swiping. No more conversations going nowhere. No need to wonder how many other people your match is flirting with. No wasted time. We have higher standards.”

Ditto is slated to hit the app store just after Valentine’s Day. Register here to be notified when it’s available to download.