My Friend’s Friend Offers Matchmaking For A Modern Era

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Modern romance looks more than a little different from love stories of the past. Instead of meeting at religious services or social dances, today’s singles swipe and click their way to dates. Many have embraced it as the new normal, and there’s no shortage of dating services eager for their business.

But other singles are clinging steadfastly to an old-fashioned approach. They’d rather meet in-person or through friends, and remain skeptical of dating apps and websites. For the naysayers, there are services like My Friend’s Friend.

My Friend’s Friend is helping singles in Perth, Australia, find love with a Facebook friend request. Curious daters add My Friend’s Friend as a friend on the social network, then receive a message from a woman who goes by Lucy Date (though the name is fake, she’s a real matchmaker who has spent years playing Cupid for friends and clients).

The message asks a few basic questions about what you’re looking for in a relationship. Answer them, pay $30 for a date token, then sit tight. When Lucy Date has found a suitable match, she’ll get back in touch and you’ll be sent on a date at The Old Laundry in North Perth.

If it sounds too simplistic, you’re not the first one with concerns. But Lucy Date assures clients that a few questions is all she needs to make compatible connections.

“Once they add me, this might sound ridiculous, but most of the time I already know exactly who I’m going to set them up with,” she told “You can tell a lot by someone’s Facebook page. their timeline portrays the best version of themselves and it’s similar to how they’ll portray themselves on a first date.”

My Friend’s Friend blends modern and traditional dating methods to appeal to a range of clients. The organization’s director, Oscar Boyne, says the service’s approach offers several perks for clients. First, by not giving away any personal details, it eliminates any preconceived notions that could color a first date.

It’s also extremely time-efficient. Rather than sinking hours into searching profiles yourself, Lucy does all the hard work for you. You simply have to show up for your date. She claims to have a 50 to 60 per cent success rate.

My Friend’s Friend has strategically partnered with Perth venues that are both trendy and friendly. They’re there to help if dates feel uncomfortable at any point, and clients have noted that the staff is skilled at reducing any potential blind date awkwardness.

My Friend’s Friend launched in November 2016 and has plans to expand to other bars in Scarborough and Fremantle, then interstate to Melbourne, later this year.