MeetMindful: A Dating App For The Wellness Age

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Technology companies frequently boast of “disrupting” their industries. But ask Amy Baglan, co-founder of online dating platform MeetMindful, and she’ll say technology has become disruptive in a negative way - at least where romantic relationships are concerned.

“Social media and technology in general has taught us that it’s okay to connect on really surface-level, quick ways, and that’s not how I think we’re wired as humans,” she told Dever publication Westword. “There is an underlying anxiety that it’s not enough, that something’s missing.”

That something, she hopes, is her very own dating startup. The earliest seeds for MeetMindful were planted in 2006, when Baglan was vice president of a New York City startup and turned to yoga and meditation to fill a void in her personal life. Four years later, she quit her job to pursue her own Eat, Pray, Love journey through Asia. Baglan experimented with various mindful living practices and immersed herself in communities dedicated to the integration of mind, body, and spirit.

She returned to the United States in 2012 and took her first stab at mixing mindfulness and dating. Yoga Dates, which hosted events like “Vinyasa and Vino” and “Yoga Speed Dating”, quickly took off. Baglan realized she had something bigger on her hands.

In 2014, Baglan joined forces with Adam Taylor to test a prototype of MeetMindful. The following year, they launched a beta version and were accepted into the prestigious Techstars Boulder Accelerator. MeetMindful has grown ever since.

It’s no surprise, given the world’s current obsession with all things wellness, that MeetMindful is a budding success story. The company describes itself as “not only a dating app, but a meeting ground for people who want to live their happiest, healthiest lives—and connect with others who feel the same.” It’s a place to meet new partners and new friends who want to make connections in a meaningful way, with none of the superficiality we’ve come to associate with swipe-focused dating apps.

New members can join MeetMindful for free, complete a detailed profile with up to six photos and a questionnaire, browse matches, and like favorite profiles to indicate interest. Upgrading to a premium membership provides access to messaging, a complete list of recent profile viewers, and advanced search filters. All new members receive two days of a premium membership for free after signup.

Profiles on MeetMindful are far more comprehensive than on popular competitors like Tinder. Users are asked to share a “mantra” - a favorite quote that appears at the top of their profile - and the mindfulness practices they identify with most. They can also opt to list dealbreakers publicly and make suggestions for what subjects potential partners should ask about.

“We want people to actually do this with intention,” Baglan told Westword. To that end, the company is working to discourage mindless swiping and increase communication by introducing a limit to the number of profiles a user can view each day, as well as a requirement that a user must view a profile for a certain amount of time before deciding to “like” it or not.

“We’ve made it so you have to actually look at the person before you make a decision, and not just their picture,” Baglan explains.

While some will dismiss MeetMindful as “hippy-dippy” or “woo woo”, it has clearly struck a chord with users and investors. Membership is up, the company team nearly doubled in size over the last six months, and to date MeetMindful has raised $5.5 million in investments.