Meet Group Livestreaming Video Milestones Reached

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In the pass year The Meet Group has doubled down and put the focus on live video steaming for their social entertainment apps including MeetMe, Skout, Tagged, and LOVOO. Live video streaming from real members keeps everyone engaged and has increased their mobile daily active users significantly. With the introduction of Live streaming last year and with the final roll out for all apps in August of this year with LOVOO (there most trafficked app), The Meet Group has been able to diversify revenue mix consisting of in-app purchases, subscription, and 3rd party advertising.

According to a recent press release the Live video business of Meet Group grew from zero last October in 2017 to $48 million as of September 2018. Also during the month of September daily live video users averaged 900,000, of those 125,000 were broadcasting a video (the other 725,000 were watching). This is an increase of 20% when compared to July. Daily Live video users also account for 20% of all mobile daily active users. Also, in the month of September the total daily time users spent in Live video feeds was more than 25 million minutes.

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