Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg Steps Down

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  • Tuesday, February 18 2020 @ 09:28 am
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Match Groups CEO Mandy Ginsberg
Match Groups CEO Mandy Ginsberg

Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg has announced she will step down from her role at the company for health and personal reasons.

The news comes as Match Group is in process of separating from its parent company IAC, which is expected to close in Q2 of this year. Shar Dubey, Match Group’s president, will take over for Ginsberg starting March 1st.

According to The New York Post, Ginsberg told Match Group employees the news in an email, citing personal and health reasons for her departure. She described a “personally trying” period according to reports. These included a recent surgery correcting a previous double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer as she was diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene, as well as a tornado slamming into her Dallas home, rendering it unlivable. Ginsberg is stepping back to take care of her health and her family.

“While I expect to have a clean bill of health, short term I need to take care of myself and so will take some time off this year to do just that,” Ginsberg told employees in a Tuesday email announcing her departure.

This comes at an interesting time. Match Group’s revenues have skyrocketed under Ginsberg’s leadership, thanks in large part to the company’s star app Tinder. However, the company faces increasing scrutiny over its privacy and safety practices, including its lack of background checks on users. A recent report from the Norwegian Consumer Council found that most popular dating apps, many owned by Match Group, were allowing underage users and sex offenders use the app without identifying them and alerting other users. It also found that Match Group and others were sharing personal data of users with third party advertisers, perhaps in violation of U.S. and European consumer privacy protections.

The company is currently being investigated by the U.S. House of Representatives for these potential violations.

Match Group is also facing lawsuits from former Tinder employees including founder Sean Rad, who claims the company cheated him and several of his employees out potentially millions of dollars by undervaluing their stock options and underestimating potential revenues. The app has since become the top grossing dating app worldwide. 

Ginsberg shared her confidence in Dubey heading up Match Group in an interview with Forbes previous to this announcement. “Shar is basically my business partner; we’ve been running these businesses together for ten-plus years, and she’s awesome.”

“It’s been a fantastic journey working with Mandy these last 14 years, and it’s very hard to imagine this company without her,” Dubey said in a statement. “I’m incredibly grateful that we have such a strong leadership team that will continue to drive the business forward.”