How Apps Are Taking Advantage Of iOS 8's Coolest Feature

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Consumers aren't the only ones excited about iOS 8. Apple launched several new features with the operating system that expand the capabilities of third-party apps, and app developers are keen to take advantage of them.

Most excitingly, iOS 8 lets devs use the Touch ID fingerprint sensor included in the iPhone 5s and the new iPhone 6 models. This means apps that would ordinarily use the Passcode feature can now include the fingerprint sensor instead, bypassing the need for a traditional password once a user's account has been verified.

Developers have jumped on the new opportunity and, left and right, are updating their apps. Here's a round-up of some of the apps that have adopted Touch ID:

  • LastPass: The popular password management app now uses Touch ID to secure a user's password vault.
  • Amazon: Where would any of us be without making our lives 101% easier? And now that the Amazon iPhone app includes Touch ID, it's even easier than that.
  • Mint: Users can now log in to this money management app with Touch ID rather than their password.
  • Day One: An award-winning journaling app. Users can lock their journals with Touch ID instead of a passcode.
  • Evernote: Evernote is a modern workspace that helps you be your most productive self. Now it makes your life even easier by allowing premium users to use Touch ID to secure their accounts.
  • YPlan: What are you up to tonight? YPlan is an event discovery app designed to help you answer that question by discovering and booking the best events in your area. Touch ID is now used for purchase authorization.
  • eHarmony: You didn't think I'd forget to include a dating app, did you? Say goodbye to the days of user logins... if eHarmony is your dating service of choice, you can now use Touch ID instead.

Let's here it for iOS 8. Logging in to many of your favorite accounts is now as easy as resting your finger on that shiny new Touch ID sensor. Not only does it make sign-ins easier and provide another layer of security, it does so in a way that keeps with the overall Apple aesthetic and ethos. If you use any of these mobile services, take advantage of the Touch ID improvements and update your apps ASAP.