Hinge’s Unusual Workplace Perk: A Monthly ‘Dating Stipend’ For Employees

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 Hinge Employee Dating Perk

It’s said that you should practice what you preach. For dating app Hinge, that means supporting employees with an exceptionally on-brand workplace perk: a $200 monthly stipend to go on dates.

Companies are working harder and harder to attract and retain talented candidates. Sufficient compensation is a must, but employees are increasingly looking for positions that offer benefits beyond salary. Perks like free food and beverages in the office, flexible work hours, and gym reimbursements are practically standard for businesses in competitive industries, and startups are getting increasingly creative in their approach to employee benefits.

Hinge’s dating stipend is a unique addition to the company’s more familiar perks, which include weekly catered breakfasts and lunches, unlimited annual leave, and exercise benefits. Employees can use their monthly allowance anywhere in the United States to spark a new romance or nurture long-term love. After cashing in, they are encouraged to leave reviews of their experiences on the app to help Hinge members succeed in their own dating endeavors.

Hinge’s Director of Communications Jean-Marie McGrath told Inc. the company is “urging employees to build healthy relationships outside the office and then share their fun, unique experiences with members.” McGrath added that the stipend is designed to ensure Hinge’s company culture is in alignment with the company’s mission: to create a dating culture in which healthy relationships aren’t just encouraged, but are the norm.

Via its "Great Dates" initiative, Hinge will offer members a curated list of date recommendations based on feedback provided by employees enjoying their amorous office perk. Employees have planned a variety of exciting dates so far, ranging from trapeze lessons at Chelsea Piers in New York City to renting a foster puppy for a day. Aladdin on Broadway received mixed reviews, but a wrecking club where visitors smash objects with baseball bats received a thumbs up for fun, and a pop-up dog playground followed by tapas was rated the best date one employee has ever been on.

McGrath says Hinge hopes this program will "encourage a healthy work/life balance at Hinge, and at the same time, help set our members up for success."

The dating stipend is not the first time Hinge has taken practicing what it preaches to the next level. In May, CNBC reported that candidates applying for the role of “Anti-Retention Specialist” at the company were challenged to arrange a real-life date to prove their skill at creating meaningful connections.

"We believe in the power of showing rather than telling," McGrath said at the time. What it shows is that Hinge is willing to go above and beyond to attract top talent and keep their 30 employees happy.

According to Hinge's Career page on their website other perks for their employees include a stocked kitchen with healthy food and drink. Employees also have unlimited vacations with the minimum set to 3 weeks along with an exercise stipend. On the same page Hinge also lists some stats about their service. According to Hinge, 75% of first dates for Hinge users turn into second dates. They also claim that their dating service is mentioned more times than any others in the New York Times Wedding section.

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