Hinge Offers Gifts for Customers Who Hit Relationship Milestones

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Hinge Milestone Marketplace

Dating app Hinge wants to reward you for taking dating seriously. In a new promotion, the company is offering free gifts from its “Milestone Marketplace” when a couple who meets over the app hits certain relationship milestones. Unfortunately, it’s only for a limited time. The happy couples can claim their rewards until August 23rd.

Some milestones include the first sleepover, moving in, getting a dog, getting engaged, honeymooning, and even having a baby. There are eleven total milestones that Hinge celebrates with free gifts, which include pillows, an electronic toothbrush, birthstone stud earrings and a $200 vibrator, among other gifts. Hinge had a little fun with the prizes. For “meeting the parents,” couples get a $50 credit to Minibar for wine.

For getting engaged, couples can earn $100 for a Zola registry, a nice gift for newlyweds.

If a couple wants to claim a reward, there is some promotion involved. Once they claim their gift (offered for that particular relationship milestone), the couple fills out a short form and then promotes the milestone and success story on Instagram, making sure to tag both Hinge and the companies who partnered to offer prizes.

The company partnered with sponsors like Casper, Plated, Minibar and Rent the Runway to provide rewards for each milestone.

Hinge has had some problems finding its core customer base in the dating app market. It has recently rebranded itself as a “relationship app” to distance itself from rival Tinder. The company wants to appeal to older daters, particularly those 25-35 who are looking for more serious relationships. Hinge also charges $7 per month for its service, claiming that casual Tinder swipers who aren’t serious about dating would not pay for the Hinge service.

The pay to play model in online dating has long been the dividing line between casual and serious daters. Tinder’s free game-like app brought online dating to the masses, but in recent years, the competition wants to appeal to the primary motivation most daters have – finding a lasting relationship. This is something Hinge is focused on, and charging for its service as other more serious sites like eHarmony and Match do, is a proven strategy for attracting people who want relationships.

“Hinge's Milestone Marketplace is a pop-up online store designed to celebrate and reward major relationship milestones - from the very first sleepover to engagements, weddings and babies,” Hinge said in a statement.

Hinge’s Milestone Market is a pop-up store, available until August 23rd to couples who meet on the Hinge app.