Hinge Launches New Podcast “Ghost Stories”

  • Wednesday, November 13 2019 @ 12:07 pm
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Host of Ghost Stories: Sydnee Washington
Host of Ghost Stories: Sydnee Washington
Image: Hinge

Dating app Hinge launched a new podcast in time for Halloween - appropriately called “Ghost Stories.” The podcast aims to try to get to the bottom of why people ghost, featuring real-life participants.

Ghosting happens when the person you’ve been messaging or dating suddenly disappears, not responding to texts or calls, and leaves you wondering what happened. For daters, this is a frustrating experience that begs the question: “did I do something wrong?”

The podcast aims to get to the bottom of why people ghost and offer ways to avoid the experience. Each episode also features a “ghostee” who will be able to confront the person who ghosted them, and therefore get an opportunity for answers.

Hinge tells website Elite Daily that the ghosters and ghostees weren’t taken by surprise for the podcast (like KISS-FM’s ‘Ryan’s Roses’ segment that catches cheating spouses). Instead, Hinge surveyed its users and asked specifically about ghosting, and then offered respondents a chance to meet with their ghosted matches to set the record straight and explain what happened on both sides. From this, they were able to invite them on the podcast. Hinge also says that some but not all guests on Ghost Stories met their matches via the app.

The show is hosted by comedians Sydnee Washington and Michael Yo, so Hinge is looking to be entertaining as well as informative in the podcast. The hosts initially sit down with the ghosted match to obtain some background on the date and understand how the ghosting happened. Then the hosts bring in the ghoster to discuss the situation from her perspective.

The first episode introduces the podcast, explaining that ghosters aren’t necessarily “bad” people, but maybe there were certain events or actions that led to the behavior. It features Ben as the ghostee, and Lindsey as his ghoster. Ben is on Hinge to get married, so he admitted that he’s serious in his dating search. They had a few great dates according to him, but when they tried to plan things, she got really busy, cancelled them, and eventually ghosted him.

Lindsey explains why she ghosted him, and why she’s ghosted people before – and it’s a bit more nuanced than you think. She doesn’t like being that confrontational with her dates, and that it seems unnecessarily cruel to tell a guy that she’s not interested in him. She’d rather ghost and avoid the conversation or make up an excuse, like she’s working too much to date.

This seems like a standard answer, but the hosts drill down to get to the deeper truth. They ask her about her first date to Ben specifically, what attracted her, and then move to her past relationships to understand why she did what she did. We find out what really happened is that she didn’t want to commit to Ben too quickly, since she’d just gotten out of a three-year relationship, and Ben wanted to be more serious.

The podcast launched October 31st, and Hinge will release new episodes on a weekly basis via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, and other podcast platforms. To find out more about this dating service you can read our Hinge app review.