Hinge Launches Digital Magazine To Answer Your Burning Dating Questions

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IRL - In Real Life
IRL - In Real Life

Why won’t my dating app connections respond to my messages? Is my job turning off potential partners? Is it honest to photoshop your dating app pics? Should I Google the people I meet on dating apps before going out with them? Is meeting in real life over?

These are some of the questions Hinge is tackling in its latest venture, a digital magazine called IRL. Launched last month, IRL is updated daily with advice drawn from the heaps of data Hinge has collected on users over the years.

Justin McLeod, Hinge's founder & CEO, told Mashable, “Our Member Experience team constantly receives emails from members asking for a wide-range of dating app advice.” He said it was clear that “singles wanted a safe space to ask dating app related questions and receive reliable, data-backed advice.”

Molly Fedick, IRL’s Editor in Chief, said the magazine is part of an effort to “bring the conversation about these ‘digital dating dilemmas’ beyond the brunch table and into the mainstream” so that users feel “confident and in control of their dating lives.”

As a dating service, Hinge is uniquely positioned to provide guidance rooted in actual experience. “If we have data that will help our members find someone great and move things offline as quickly as possible, we of course want to share that information,” McLeod told Mashable.

Hinge isn’t the first dating app to attempt to put its data to good use. Tinder has an in-house sociologist to offer tips to users, and OkCupid’s OkTrends blog was a fan favorite.

IRL currently has six columnists on staff, including a marketing pro, a sex educator, a ‘salesman turned social media influencer’ known as Corporate Bro, and a relationship coach. Hinge hopes the diverse backgrounds of the magazine’s contributors will speak to a broad range of readers looking for love on its app.

The IRL name may already be familiar to some daters. In February, Hinge released a book under the same title. Described as a “refreshingly hopeful take on modern love,” IRL is a compilation of more than 40 romantic success stories and new stats about digital dating.

“Love is rare; and digital dating not only increases one’s chances of finding it, it has unexpected upsides as well: friendship, conversation, and the kind of connections that only happen IRL,” writes New York Times bestselling author Deborah Copaken in the book’s foreword. “IRL reminds us that for every tale of woe, there’s an equally compelling love story: tiny rafts of optimism and hope on an oft-roiling dating sea. Hinge not only believes in love, they believe in the quest to find it. If you do, too, read on. These are your stories.”

If you want to submit a question, or simply want to take a crash course in online dating best practices, you can find the IRL magazine online here. To find out more about this dating app you can read our Hinge review.