Have Dating Apps Killed Romance? Tune in to the Debate February 6th.

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Valentine’s Day is approaching, which means more news stories about the prospects of finding love online. Dating apps have changed the romantic landscape in recent years and offered more opportunities to meet new people, but have they really helped daters meet their ultimate goals?

On February 6th Intelligence Squared U.S., a non-profit organization which encourages thoughtful discussion and debate, will be hosting a live debate from New York City: "Swipe Left: Dating Apps Have Killed Romance."

In a nod to the complicated state of dating today, the keynote will be delivered by Daniel Jones, longtime editor of the hugely popular New York Times’ essay column ‘Modern Love.’

The debate panel is a who’s who of dating experts, including dating site OkCupid's Vice President of Engineering Tom Jacques and Match.com scientific advisor Helen Fisher, who will argue against the motion, that online dating does inspire romance. Two more notable dating experts, author Eric Klinenberg and media host Manoush Zomorodi, will argue for the motion that online dating has in fact killed romance.

Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist and member of the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies at Rutgers University, has served as Chief Scientific Advisor to Match.com for several years. She uses brain scanning to study the neural systems associated with romantic love and biological responses to attraction.

As a software engineer, Tom Jacques conducts data analysis designed to make dating more efficient and less time-consuming. OkCupid for many years published a popular blog using statistics from its more than 3.5 million users, including analyzing behavior and trends to help daters better present themselves online. Interestingly, OkCupid was deemed the site most likely to appear in New York Times’ marriage announcements, ranking above Tinder, Match, and eHarmony.

Award-winning media personality and journalist Manoush Zomorodi, who hosts the popular podcast Note to Self from WNYC Studios, will be arguing that dating apps like Match and OkCupid haven’t done the dating landscape any favors. Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance co-author Eric Klinenberg will be joining her. He’s a professor of sociology and director for Public Knowledge at New York University, and has been outspoken on the negative impact of online dating. He is also the author of Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone.

The debate will be from 7:00-8:30pm EST at Sheen Center in New York. Tickets are $40 ($12 for students with ID), or all are welcome to watch the livestream at http://www.intelligencesquaredus.org/.