Elite Dating App ‘The Inner Circle’ Lands In New York City

  • Wednesday, December 21 2016 @ 11:47 am
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The Inner Circle Dating App

Do you have what it takes to join The Inner Circle? The super-selective, Amsterdam-based dating platform has officially entered the US market with a launch in New York City.

The Inner Circle’s premise is not unlike The League, another elite dating service that vets potential members before allowing them to join. Both apps aim to create exclusive communities of “high-quality” users - singles who are smart, attractive, ambitious, and career-focused. To do so, new users must apply to join and all applicants are carefully screened before being granted access.

“In order to bring like-minded people together and establish lasting relationships with long-term value, The Inner Circle screens members across various points, including age, sex, education (where 94% of the members have a Bachelor’s degree or higher) and a social network analysis to ensure authenticity, quality, and honesty of its user base,” said a company press release. “The selective nature of the app sets these parameters to guarantee the highest success for members, not to create an elite, closed network.”

The Inner Circle goes to great lengths to keep the platform private and tight-knit, including profile-screening, Facebook and LinkedIn verification, and social network analysis. The Inner Circle also hosts monthly, members-only events at glamorous venues in major cities around the world, providing in-person meet-up opportunities for users in a safe and relaxed environment.

Along with the standard functionality you’ve come to expect from a dating app, The Inner Circle packs a few more unique features:

  • Favorite Spots: select your favorite local restaurant, bars, and other hangouts to see who else goes there
  • Travel Plans: share your upcoming travel plans and meet up with other members around the world
  • Events: see what local events other members are attending or have attended

”Based on my personal experience in the online dating world, finding dates with like-minded people is a huge challenge. That’s why we focused The Inner Circle on creating a trustworthy, sophisticated environment for ambitious people to meet,” said CEO and co-founder, David Vermeulen. “We have found that people with similar backgrounds are more likely to hit it off, and we’re excited to extend this mentality to New York City.”

Since the company’s launch in 2012 in Amsterdam, The Inner Circle has expanded to London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Stockholm, Zurich, and now New York City. The platform has currently has 145,000 approved members and 125,000 on the waitlist in Europe. While its success in the United States remains to be seen, already 12,000 members have joined in NYC.