eHarmony to Offer New Feature Aimed at Stopping Ghosting

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eHarmony to introduce anti ghosting Chat Bot

Online dating company eHarmony will be introducing a new feature to try and prevent its members from ghosting each other on the site.

According to an exclusive in Yahoo! Finance, the anti-ghosting feature is a chat bot which uses A.I. technology to assess activity between members, as well as pulling information from profiles to help encourage conversation. If the feature notes that you and a match were messaging for several days or weeks and then stopped, it will prompt each of you with a message like “hey, this person stopped talking to you. Say something.”

The chat bot also provides specific questions based on the information it can gather from each of your profiles. For instance, if the chat bot notices your match likes certain TV shows, or old school jazz music, the chat bot will prompt you to ask her about her interests. For example, it might say “ask her about Game of Thrones,” encouraging you to not only message your match but provide you with a conversation starter.

“I would call it like a date bot, some machine learning that helps people that are starting to talk actually go on a date,” Langston told Yahoo Finance at the annual WebSummit conference in Lisbon, Portugal. “The fact is a lot of people that got married on eHarmony, got married when they were 25 and now they’re 40 and they’re divorced. And they never dated much, and they don’t know how to date. Guys don’t know how to ask. It’s astounding really how many people need help. We think we can do that in an automated way.”

eHarmony has made its mark in the world of online dating by consistently offering services geared to more serious daters. The new feature would be the first of its kind on the online dating world, and if it does help curb ghosting behavior, might be a compelling enough feature to give eHarmony an advantage in the competitive online dating market. A majority of daters complain that they have been ghosted at least once while using a dating app, making this a rampant problem and a source of frustration for many members of the online dating community.

eHarmony is aware of privacy issues that might complicate the acceptance of the new feature however, which is why they are testing and rolling it out slowly over the next 18 months. The company acknowledged that some of its users might be uncomfortable with artificial intelligence scanning their profile information and assessing it to share with other users.

eHarmony was purchased recently by German broadcasting company ProSieben in October.