eHarmony Releases Findings From First-Ever Singles & Desirability Study

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eHarmony’s inaugural Singles & Desirability Study

What do singles value most in potential partners? Is it humor? Generosity? Confidence? Intelligence? eHarmony’s inaugural Singles & Desirability Study, conducted in April 2019 by Harris Interactive, takes a deep dive into what Americans really want out of their dating lives.

The study found that both men and women want a partner who is kind, funny and honest. More than half of all singles said honesty is the most important attribute to consider when deciding who to date. Kindness (44%) and a sense of humor (34%) were named the second and third most desirable traits, respectively. While men were two times more likely than women to prioritize physical attraction, attractiveness ranked fourth overall.

"The data illustrates how Americans have shifted their priorities when it comes to lasting love," says Dr. Seth Meyers, a licensed psychologist and eharmony relationship expert. "Instead of identifying physical attractiveness as the most important factor in dating, millennial women are leading the way in showing that finding an intellectual and emotional partner is just as important, if not more."

The Singles & Desirability Study also identified some of the top professions men and women seek in potential partners. The four most desired professions are doctor or nurse, teacher or professor, veterinarian, and firefighter or police officer. All of the top professions are based around health, education and public protection, suggesting that people with “caring” jobs are the most sought after overall.

"What we've found over the years is that the singles on eharmony are kind, conscientious high-achievers who are looking for like-minded people," says eHarmony CEO Grant Langston. "Our users tend to be committed to excellence in all aspects of life, and therefore tend to be most desirable when it comes to how modern millennials view potential partners." Want to stand out from the crowd? Highlight your love of food in your profile. Whether it’s going out for a meal (34%) or cooking and baking yourself (29%), an interest in food is considered desirable by many. Singles also want someone who is handy around the house (31%), enjoys spending nights in (26%) and is good with children (25%).

Most of all, American singles are seeking commitment. Forget what you’ve heard about hookup culture - the vast majority of men and women (70%) said they want a partner who is looking for a serious relationship, not a casual fling. In fact, despite being early adopters of dating apps and waiting longer to walk down the aisle than previous generations, older millennials showed the strongest preference for serious relationships (77%) among all age groups.

Learn more about the Singles & Desirability Study here and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #mostdesirable. To find out more about this dating service you can read our eHarmony review.