eHarmony Dishes The Details On Tying The Knot

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eHarmony's very first marriage was John and Vicki Vystrcil, from Frisco, TX. The pioneering couple was married in 2001 and they've been going strong ever since. With more than a decade of experience and a track record like that, it's safe to say that eHarmony knows a thing or two about holy matrimony.

If tying the knot is on your resolutions list this year, sandwiched between spending less time staring at your phone and more time on the StairMaster at the gym, eHarmony has released a few key insights gathered during its decade+ history. eHarmony asked its married couples to detail their experience with the service in a recent study and compiled their responses into a report. The report, called eHarmony Married Couples by the Numbers Facts, asked important questions about the online dating experience:

How long does it take to meet your spouse on eHarmony?

  • 71% of women meet their spouse within a year
  • 69% of men meet their spouse within a year

How long does it take from when you are matched when you marry?

  • The median time from when people are matched to when they marry is 1.8 years

How far apart do you live?

  • The median distance at the time couples were matched was 20.2 miles

Who initiates communication first?

  • 53% of the time, men initiated the first communication
  • However, women become more likely to initiate communication as they get older
  • Women in their 70s initiated the first communication 55.8% of the time

What's the age difference?

  • On average, husbands are 2.39 years older than their wives

What's the education level?

  • More than 70% of women and men are college educated or higher

This year, eHarmony has something special in mind to celebrate its successful matches. The dating service plans to bring seven of the more than 600,000 married couples who found love on the site to be part of its float entitled Everlasting Love in the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade. The couples chosen to showcase their love and inspire others who are still searching for it will ride alongside the Grammy award-winning star Natalie Cole, as she sings her hit (and eHarmony commercial theme song) "This Will Be" down the parade route.

The Vystrcils will be joined on the float by other notable eHarmony couples, including a couple who married when they were 75 years old, a couple who appeared on an eHarmony commercial in 2012, and a couple who formed a real-life Brady Bunch.