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Well it looks like eHarmony United Kingdom has been launched. Originally rumoured to open in June, 2008 the dating site is now accessible (props to the unofficial eHarmony Blog for finding out this). No official press releases as of yet have been found and no links exist on the other eHarmony sites pointing to the new UK dating site.

For a limited time when new eHarmony members living in the United Kingdom sign up, they will receive a free 90 day membership. I would assume, all current eHarmony members living in the UK who signed up at the main dating service will have the option to be moved to the UK dating site to take advantage of its UK specific matching system. eHarmony United Kingdom will need to get a lot of members fast so they can start competing with other popular UK Dating Services and, giving away free memberships is one way to do it. They will just need the marketing campaign to back it up.

eHarmony UK has partnered with the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) to help predict what makes a couple compatible in the United Kingdom. The Oxford Internet Institute is a department of the University of Oxford and was founded in 2001. A research team from OII gathered relationship data from 1000 married couples living in the United Kingdom that ranged in age from 19 to 81 and with relationships that spanned from under 1 to 65 years. With this data eHarmony was able to come up with a scientific matching system based on their key dimensions of compatibility. This matching system shares many similarities with its US counterpart but differences were found by the UK research team which are now taken into account.

Visit the eHarmony United Kingdom home page or check out our eHarmony UK Review.

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