eHarmony Profile Page Makeover

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eHarmony has a few updates planned for the profile page which members should be able to see any day now.

The first change is photo thumbnails will be twice the size on profiles. This allows you to view matches in more detail without entering the actual photo album. The slideshow in the photo album also received an update giving users a more cinematic experience.

Members now can also easily see how their profile looks to others on eHarmony. Just visit the "About Me" tab and click on "View your profile as others see it".

The profile layout also has been approved. Overall width size has been increased by about a third. Profile questions have been moved around with the "What are you most passionate about?" and “What is the most important thing you are looking for in a person?” answers appearing at the top, right next to the profile's main thumbnail image. Color changes are also apparent with a dark gradient blue of eHarmony's homepage replacing the light blue color in the older profile.

The last thing to see a change is the communication stages. The communication process has been simplified slightly (not sure quite how yet) and the actual communication flow has been clarified more with improved messaging between each stage. FastTrack also has been renamed to "eHarmony Mail" to help describe the process better.

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