eHarmony: Inside the Compatibility Test

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How many dimensions of compatibility? eHarmony says 29. Between you and me, I didn't ever think of breaking my personality, habits, likes and goals into 29 dimensions. I'm a 3-D gal myself, but have to admit that the eHarmony compatibility test is rather in-depth.

If you're looking for an online dating site that takes the legwork out of the dating process for you, eHarmony just might be the way to go. There's no "search" capability. The eHarmony matches you based strictly on the compatibility test you take when you sign-up for a new account. While it may seem as if they're asking you for your birthmarks and first born, it's simply eHarmony's way of getting what they need to know to make more successful matches for you.

The essence of eHarmony's compatibility profile is this: it's a personality test. They're looking for key identifying factors in your personality that will allow them to match you with people who are similar. eHarmony does not subscribe to the old adage that opposites attract. Rather, they're thinking you'll be more at home with people who are similar to you in taste, thought process and social style.

How many questions will you be sitting down to answer? Over 250. When you've stopped blinking and gasping for air, think of it like this: in an hour of meeting someone at a bar, you probably ask one another at least 30 questions. eHarmony is, based on that math, giving you eight to nine hours of conversation potential with their compatibility test alone. Think of it as the best way to tell someone who you are, what you prefer and what you're looking for. That takes more than just 10 quick questions and three profile pictures. And remember: eHarmony is designed as a site for those who want HELP in the dating world, not those who prefer to do their own legwork.

When sitting down to complete the eHarmony compatibility test, give yourself at least an hour. An hour? Indeed! If you need to break it up into two sessions, don't be afraid to do so. We'll admit - that's a lot of sitting. But give yourself the time to answer the profile questions completely and honestly. After all, some of the responses will be visible in your final profile. First impressions - you never get a second chance!

The test will ask you questions about everything from your preferred type of vacation spot to how you handle conflict. They really run the gamut. This is another reason to take your time, as the questions really do require some thought. Just think - if you're going to find someone to spend your life with, you want there to be at least some deep thought involved, right? Here are three tips to help you through the eHarmony compatibility test:

Tip 1: Take Your Time. It's about finding a long-term relationship, not a one night stand. Put the same amount of effort and time into the compatibility profile that you'd appreciate seeing in the matched eHarmony sends you.

Tip 2: There are no "trick questions." Psychological profiling tests are designed to prompt you to choose the most natural answer. Don't overthink the process. Read the question, give it a thought and mark your answer.

Tip 3: If you fail, no sweat. Yes, it's possible to fail the eHarmony compatibility test! Does it mean you're a failure? NO! It simply means that eHarmony doesn't have anyone in their database with whom they think they can match you. They're doing you the favor of saving you $50+ a month. Don't take it personally and try another online dating site.

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