Doppler App Uses An Interactive Map To Help Singles Meet Offline

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Tired of swiping right and exchanging flirty emojis, only to be ghosted before you’ve ever met in person?

Craig Cole was disillusioned with the lack of face-to-face meetings in online dating, so he created Doppler Social App to get singles out from behind their screens and on dates IRL.

“In my experience, once I swipe right and match with someone, I immediately either connect with them through the phone and it fizzles out over two weeks, or we continue talking and make plans to meet up that never come to fruition,” Cole wrote for Built In Los Angeles. “We spend so much time ‘talking’ over text and through apps, that we never actually make time to meet each other in person. We are constantly canceling plans and flaking out on our friends or potential dates. I was tired of the disconnect." 

Out of that frustration Doppler Social App was born. Doppler uses an interactive heat map to direct users to the most socially active areas in their cities. The map highlights trending places, helps singles find venues and events specific to their interests, and offers reviews of popular venues, hidden gems, and local favorites.

Upon joining the service, Doppler users mark places they enjoy attending or will be visiting in the near future. The map fills with real-life experiences tailored to that user’s unique interests and personality. Think of it as a living profile, with no need to come up with a witty tagline or a modest-but-not-too-modest bio.

As you scroll, you can see if a person likes the same spots as you do, or if you both plan to be at the same location on a certain date. Make it a match if you like what you see and meet up doing something you already both love.

Cole says Doppler solves two problems with traditional dating apps. First, it eliminates the chronic flakiness that seems to plague so many popular dating services. The whole point is to meet in person, so you don’t have to worry about matches turning into pen pals. Cole also says the service encourages organic conversation. By starting with a venue or event you’re both already attending, you have an icebreaker and a first date built into the process.

As with any location-dependent app, there are privacy concerns to be considered. Doppler aims to keep users safe with a strict blocking policy for any bad behavior, whether online or offline, and an option to enter Ghost Mode to be undiscoverable by other users.

“We have one mission at Doppler - take online dating offline, and fast,” says Cole. “Our mission is to give users every tool possible to cultivate online relationships to foster real time connections.”

If you like the sound of reducing digital fatigue while increasing real-life experiences, try Doppler for iOS here.