Domino’s Announces Plans To Launch A Pizza-Based Dating App

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Domino's Dating App Coming Soon.

Countless singles have professed their love for pizza on their dating profiles. But would they trust a purveyor of pizza to find their perfect romantic match? That may soon be an option for singles in the Netherlands, where Domino’s Pizza has revealed plans to launch a branded dating app.

Domino’s chief executive Don Meij announced the upcoming app, which will match customers according to their favorite toppings, at the company's general meeting in Brisbane in early November 2018.

“Simply swipe your favourite pizza and the Domino's dating app will connect you to other pizza lovers, find a match, and go on a date,” he said. “Domino's provides the meal, and even the conversation starters. What better to bond over than your shared love of pineapple on pizzas?”

Little is known about the design or functionality of the app so far. Like many of its contemporaries, it will reportedly have a swipe-based matching system. However, unlike Tinder or Bumble, users of the Domino’s app will not swipe on each other’s profiles. Instead, they will swipe to indicate approval or disapproval of specific pizza toppings. The algorithm will then match them with members who have similar tastes. Don’t be surprised if there’s also an option to order pizza delivery directly from within the dating app (what else would pizza lovers eat on their first date?).

In an interview with Your Money, Meji insisted the app is not a publicity stunt. “We don’t just launch gimmicks. It’s too expensive to create this sort of technology just for a gimmick,” he said. “18-24 year-olds are our core consumers and this is how we engage. Brands need engagement and if you want to be relevant with your consumers then you’ve got to look for ways to excite. This is one of the ways we’re going to excite.”

Meji also plugged Pizza Checker, another high-tech Domino’s experiment set to roll out in the first quarter of next year. Pizza Checker is an AI-based quality control system that will use a camera installed over the prep bench to identify pizza type, correct toppings, topping distribution, crust type, and temperature. The device will report back in seconds, providing customers with an image of their pizza on the bench and letting the store manager know if a subpar pie needs to be remade.

The validity of basing compatibility on pizza preferences is obviously up for debate, but Domino’s is not the first food company to venture into the dating industry. In 2015, Oscar Mayer launched Sizzl, a dating app for bacon lovers. Other apps have launched for vegetarians, gluten-free singles, paleo singles, and burrito lovers. For general foodies, there’s PB&J, Suppr, Dindr, Dine, and HiDine. Love at first sight may be a stretch, but that won’t stop companies from trying to spark love at first bite.