Dog-Friendly Dating App Brings New Meaning To ‘Puppy Love’

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Surprising things can predict whether you’re likely to match on a dating app (guacamole, anyone?), but one that comes as no surprise at all is a mutual love of man’s best friend. Dog people take their passion seriously, and thanks to Dig, they now have a dedicated place to find their perfect, pup-loving soulmates.

Tech-savvy sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson created Dig to address what they consider a serious issue of compatibility.

“Our overall goal with Dig is to provide an easy, fun way to connect dog lovers who are looking to find more love in their life of the two-legged variety,” says Casey. “It’s imperative to find someone compatible both with you and your dog, so we want to make it easier to find someone the two of you really ‘dig.’”

“When you’re dating and you’re a dog owner, it doesn’t matter who reaches out first or how many friends you have in common. If you don’t get along with my dog, it’s never going to work,” adds Leigh.

Dig starts out like any other dating app. Sign up and create a profile, adding a photo and a short bio. Scroll through potential matches or use search filters to narrow down the pool according to specific criteria. If you find someone you think you’ll hit it off with, contact them.

But Dig also comes with a suite of features designed just for dog lovers. The Isaacsons know not all dogs get along, and there’s more to compatibility than just checking off whether you’re a “dog owner” or a “dog lover.” Users can indicate if they’re looking for someone currently with or without a dog, and can filter search results by dog size.

A section of the app suggests dog-friendly date locations so you never have to leave your favorite furry wingman behind. Another section offers daily deals on canine-centric products and businesses, including on-demand grooming services, funky dog tags, and even volunteer opportunities. Turn on push notifications to receive daily dog-raising tips from local vets, trainers, and other experts.

Behind the scenes, the Dig team is committed to giving back. Every dog pictured on the app, website, or company Instagram is available for adoption. Dig’s launch events in each city double as adoption events and fundraisers for local rescue groups.

“Our first dog-friendly Dig mixer event in New York was the dog lover event of the season,” says Leigh. “350 people and almost as many dogs united in Williamsburg and met fellow dog loving singles. We’ll continue hosting these incredible events in dog-friendly cities across the country, all while helping dogs in shelters find their forever homes through partnerships with pet businesses and rescues/shelters.”

Dig will launch in 25 cities by the end of 2018, including New York, New Orleans, Orlando, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco. The app is currently available for free in the Apple App Store.