DNA Romance Brings Chemical Attraction to Online Dating

  • Thursday, October 18 2018 @ 11:03 am
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DNA Romance

The DNA Romance dating platform disrupts the way people connect online by using Genetics and Psychology to matchmake people based on all three elements of human attraction:

  1. Personality
  2. Chemistry
  3. Appearance

DNA Romance enhances the transparency of online dating by providing evidence based matchmaking going beyond appearance and questionnaires.

How it works?

DNA testing

DNA Romance's matchmaking algorithm requires your DNA testing data in order to forecast chemical attraction with the other members. For someone who already has DNA testing data they can re-use that data for the DNA Romance analysis. Simply download and transfer your raw autosomal DNA from the company who did your genealogical testing. Currently DNA data transfers are accepted from the following: 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA, My Heritage, Genes For Good, Living DNA. People who don't have a DNA test already can order their personal DNA Collection Kit from the DNA Romance website.

DNA Matchmaking and Personality Compatibility Scores

Once your DNA file is uploaded and your profile is completed the analysis begins. It usually takes less than 30 min to complete, where key DNA markers are evaluated by the algorithm to forecast "chemical attraction" between you and our other members. In addition DNA Romance shows users a personality compatibility as calculated using their Myers-Briggs personality type, as well as one photograph.

Browsing & Communicating With Your Matches

Users are able to see and communicate with their DNA Romance matches at no cost. DNA Romance provides two measures of relationship compatibility, both A) personality compatibility and B) chemical attraction scores. The DNA compatibility score is higher for people who will share chemistry with you. While the personality compatibility is higher for compatible personality types, and lower for personality types that tend to clash. Users can break the ice with a message or can like the members profile. If the user doesn't like a match for one reason or another, they then have the options to delete that user as a match, or add them to a "maybe list' to revisit another day.

About DNA Romance

DNA Romance was found in 2014 by Dr. Timothy Sexton and Judith Bosire. They have pioneered DNA matchmaking by combining the analysis of DNA profiles and Myers–Briggs personality types of their members to forecast prospective relationships compatibility and possibilities for love.

This dating service is currently free and has over 10 thousand members sign up since launch. It is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other English speaking countries.

The Positives

  • DNA Romance has an exclusive pool of individuals that are seriously looking to meet a potential match, each person has submitted their DNA data
  • Awkward first dates with no chemical attraction are prevented because it's already known that you will share "chemistry" with your match
  • Users save time and money finding true compatible matches sooner
  • DNA Romance's approach inadvertently ensures that potential matches are not related
  • DNA Romance's approach ensures matches share chemistry and personality compatibility

The Negatives

  • DNA data is required for matchmaking
  • Only one picture can currently be included with your profile
  • There is no age filter for matches

To find out more about this service and what they can offer you can check out the DNA Romance website.