Dating app Hinge Testing an Automated Dating App

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Audrey from Hinge

Are you sick of all the messaging and scheduling you do on your preferred dating app? Do you sometimes wish someone could just…do it for you?

Hinge thinks so, and currently the company is beta-testing a new app called Audrey, which automates the online dating process for you. If you find someone attractive on the app, Audrey will reach out, make an introduction, and if the feeling is mutual, will schedule a date for you to meet.

The app will cost about $99 per month, or that is the price point they are using for beta testing in New York, so it might change. According to Hinge’s website, the process for using Audrey goes as follows:

  1. Select the people you’re interested in.
  2. Audrey will reach out, introduce you, and schedule a date if the feeling is mutual.
  3. Audrey provides data and feedback along the way to help you find that perfect match.

Hinge isn’t sharing a lot of detail about the testing or how it works, such as whether or not an actual person is behind the curtain messaging for you, or if the whole process is automated. Also, will other users be able to tell they are getting messages from a robot or automated device and not a real person, and will that affect your chances of meeting in real life?

Or worse, will one robot be talking to another, each flirting needlessly, leaving the two people who are potential matches out of the wooing process altogether?

It seems the marketing and execution of Audrey is still being tested, as some details of the app have changed on its website in the last week or so. The app is now described briefly as: “an intelligent assistant for the modern dater.” According to an article in TechCrunch, it seems to indicate that “Hinge is now thinking to focus Audrey more on the ‘data and feedback’ suggested by the earlier website, and less so on the messaging and scheduling.”

The testing of Audrey follows a complete overhaul of the original Hinge app, which was marketed as an alternative to the hook-up nature of Tinder, and more focused on relationships. The new app costs about $7 per month.

Instead of swiping, the new Hinge allows users to pick from a series of questions to help shape their profiles and make them more insightful, such as listing their unusual skills, what they’re reading or watching, what they’re listening to, their favorite drink order, and so on. Others can then like and comment on these prompts, which makes the app feel more social.

Audrey is another way to brand Hinge as a relationship-focused app, but for those who are used to free services, the price might be too steep to gain much traction. For more information on this dating app please read our review of Hinge.