Dating app Bumble Adds Super Swipes to the Menu

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Dating apps are not only looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded market, they are trying to find ways to monetize without alienating customers. And now, female-friendly app Bumble is taking a leaf out of Tinder’s playbook and adding a new feature called SuperSwipe, similar to Tinder’s Super Like.

SuperSwipe allows users to call attention to someone they are really interested in, by clicking a heart on the chosen profile before swiping right and hoping for a match. The benefit is that your SuperSwipe can see that you’re interested before he swipes left or right, which hopefully increases your chances of matching with him.

Super Like on Tinder is very similar; your potential match can see that you’ve chosen to Super Like him in advance. Super Like is also only available via the app’s premium service, and it seems Bumble is following suit.

To use this enhanced feature, you need to purchase Bumble coins (these are new as well), which cost $1.99 per SuperSwipe. (You can also buy coins in bulk for cheaper.) Paying for a SuperSwipe adds extra investment to the online dating process. You are more likely to message a SuperSwipe or Super Like since you paid for the privilege of matching.

Let’s face it: you don’t want to spend money on a dating app when you don’t have to, but when there’s incentive (such as putting your profile in front of someone you like), it seems like a no-brainer. But does this feature really work for daters?

According to an article in Tech Crunch, Tinder claims that “conversations initiated with a Super Like lasted an average of 70 percent longer than other conversations.” But many daters also see this feature as unnecessary – that you can swipe and match regardless, without drawing extra attention to the fact that you’re interested in someone.

If you already have Bumble’s premium service, you know in advance if someone has already swiped right on you anyway, so why bother with SuperSwipe? The company is hoping the extra goodwill – knowing that someone is really interested in you – will encourage you to match and meet more quickly, increasing your chances for a relationship.

Offering in-app currency to pay for additional features is a smart move on Bumble’s part. Like with many games, it’s easier to spend money when you are engaged. It seems a better fit for dating apps, rather than buying a premium service that you check every so often. With Bumble coins, you can decide in the moment if you want a certain feature or more access.

One of the new features Bumble will be announcing this year is the ability to use Bumble coins to skip to the front of the line in the suitor process by making your profile one of the first potential matches see. In the meantime, SuperSwipe is now available for users of the app. For more on this dating app, you can read our Bumble review