Bumble Stumbled with Handling of Sharon Stone’s Profile

  • Tuesday, January 21 2020 @ 09:09 am
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Sharon Stone Blocked on Bumble

Actress Sharon Stone was blocked on Bumble in late December, and took to Twitter to air her concerns publicly. Bumble responded and tried to restore her profile, but days later, Stone still wasn’t able to access it.

Stone signed up for Bumble to start dating again, according to reports. She was surprised when the female-friendly app quickly shut her profile down, claiming it was fake. She then posted about it on Twitter and Instagram, along with the screenshot of the message from Bumble saying she was blocked.

“I went on the @bumble dating [site] and they closed my account. 👁👁 Some users reported that it couldn’t possibly be me!” she tweeted. “Hey @bumble, is being me exclusionary ? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Don’t shut me out of the hive 🐝”

The post went viral, resulting in a tweet from 30-year-old Marvel actor Simu Liu, asking her out on a date, even though he’s not on the Bumble app himself.

Bumble and other dating apps have been cracking down on fake profiles, which are rampant on dating apps, accidentally making the real Sharon Stone a casualty. “We’re committed to keeping Bumble safe, which means we have to enforce certain rules when our values are violated,” read the message from Bumble the actress posted. “Your account has been blocked because we’ve received several reports about your profile being fake.”

Bumble representative Clare O’Connor later replied to Stone’s tweet according to Yahoo! She said that the team was working on restoring her dating profile, and later confirmed that it was once again live on the app.

“AHA! @sharonstone, we at @bumble found your account, unblocked you, and ensured this won’t happen again. You can get back to Bumbling!” she tweeted. “Thanks for bearing with us and hope you find your honey.🐝”

Unfortunately, her profile was still blocked, and the actress called them out again the next day. She tweeted that Bumble had erased her profile. Bumble swiftly replied with a fix to get back on. However, the topic was trending on Twitter and the actress’s frustration was apparent. Bumble replied with another tweet.

“There can only be one 👑 Stone. Looks like our users thought you were too good to be true. We’ve made sure that you won’t be blocked again. We hope that everyone in our community takes a sec to verify their profiles,” Bumble tweeted to Stone, adding, “Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct gets a pass today!”

Stone wasn’t sharing the dating app company’s humor however, and clapped back.

“Dear Bumble, you are confusing my honesty with your fantasy. This is a disservice to the men and women who partake in @bumble . I am Sharon, I am a woman. Thank you.♥

Bumble also responded with an invitation to come to their Austin, Texas headquarters for some “profile prep and great food.” The actress hasn’t yet responded to the invitation.