Bumble Partners with Serena Williams to Debut Ad Campaign During Superbowl

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Bumble CEO and Serena Williams
Bumble CEO and Serena Williams

Star athlete Serena Williams is making her next move as Bumble’s global advisor. The company announced that its new ad campaign featuring the award-winning tennis champion will debut during this year’s Super Bowl.

The theme of the campaign is in line with Bumble’s female-friendly focus, called “The Ball is in Her Court.” It will feature Williams making the first move in every aspect of life: dating, friendship, and business, according to the release, according to AdWeek.

Partnering with a high-profile, empowered female is a consistent reflection of the Bumble brand. In its press release, Bumble stated that Williams’ role will include enforcing Bumble’s “mission to end misogyny and empower women around the world.”

Williams has most recently challenged long-standing competitive tennis rules, which penalized women for taking leave when they were pregnant or injured. Under existing rules, top-ranking competitors (including Williams) had to give up their standings and were unseeded for some of the major tournaments. (Williams’ rank fell to 451 during this time.) Williams also wore a bodysuit to the French open to handle a post-pregnancy health issue, which WTA rules also forbid, and caused an uproar. The WTA rules have recently been amended, thanks to Williams’ objections.

“Partnering with Serena Williams has been a dream of mine since we launched Bumble as she is one of the most inspiring women in history and a shining example of someone making the first move in all facets of her life,” said Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble founder and CEO, in a statement.

Bumble goes on to say that the partnership will “go live during one of the most watched cultural moments worldwide, Super Bowl LIII on February 3rd.”

AdWeek however was quick to point out that Bumble’s announcement was not specific about the ad’s details in terms of distribution, and that it might not be among the much-hyped commercials to air during the game. Instead, Bumble is keeping secret on the details, including whether it’s a national or regional ad, of if it will air on CBS, or if in fact it will air on television at all.

Bumble has created a hashtag #InHerCourt and provided a countdown clock to the ad’s release.

Williams said in a statement: “I look at my daughter and know it is my duty to pave a powerful path for her, and as Bumble’s global advisor, I can encourage her and women everywhere to think like a champion, define their lives and ultimately, embrace the power we have within.”