Bumble Partners With Bloggers Who Brunch For ‘Women In Entertainment’ Series

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Bumble Partners With Bloggers Who Brunch

Bumble made a name for itself by inviting women to take charge of their love lives and make the first move. The company’s mission to empower women, shake up outdated social norms, and fight for equal opportunities struck a chord with frustrated female daters who quickly flocked to the app. Since then, Bumble has successfully launched platforms for friendship and business networking, and has taken its pursuit of gender parity offline with a string of initiatives including Bumble Fund and a partnership with Bloggers Who Brunch.

Bloggers Who Brunch is a Los Angeles-based experiential marketing agency that connects brands with influencers through social events and innovative activations. Bumble Bizz recently collaborated with Bloggers Who Brunch to highlight women in entertainment who are leading the way toward greater diversity and inclusion in the industry. The ‘Women In Entertainment’ series highlighted singer, actor and host of syndicated talk show The Real Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, along with actor, influencer and fashion blogger Cara Santana.

Bumble Bizz and Bloggers Who Brunch hosted two curated brunches at The Americana and The Grove in Los Angeles to open a conversation about women in Hollywood and discuss the steps that can be taken to make inclusion the norm - rather than an obligation - for the entertainment industry. The partnership is a natural fit. Bumble has long been dedicated to combining unique experiences with meaningful change, and Bloggers Who Brunch was built to be a platform that supports women by encouraging them to build lasting relationships with each other.

“At Bumble, we believe that the most important relationships are the people around you and that one connection can change the course of your life – whether it's through a romantic relationship, a platonic friendship, or a connection that’s purely professional," said Bumble Chief Creative Marketing Officer Samantha Fulgham. "We strive to provide various ways for our users to make meaningful connections both online and in real life, and we love partnering with Bloggers Who Brunch to help create unique experiences for Bumble users to connect in person."

Alex Georgy, CEO and founder of Bloggers Who Brunch, said: "With Bloggers Who Brunch and Bumble sharing so many of the same values, the ‘Women in Entertainment’ series provided the perfect opportunity to bring strong women together while sharing the inspirational stories of both Adrienne and Cara."

The ‘Women In Entertainment’ series complements two other initiatives in the entertainment industry led by Bumble. This year, the company announced the second Female Film Force, a UK-based initiative launched last year to fund short films from aspiring women filmmakers, and the winner of an international campaign to close the gender gap in electronic music called Making Moves in Music.