Bumble Offers New Feature to Let You Filter by Astrological Sign

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Bumble users can now filter by Astrological Signs

Bumble is aligning itself with the stars in more ways than one – the female-friendly dating app now offers a new feature to let you filter your matches according to their astrological signs.

Bumble has allowed users to identify their own astrological signs in their profiles, but this marks the first time members will be able to filter matches by zodiac preferences. Bumble offers the filter across its platforms, including Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

The new feature is Bumble’s response to young daters’ growing interest in astrology when it comes to forming relationships. It’s trendy now to analyze your astrological sign to determine your behavioral tendencies and who you are most compatible with, and many users are embracing the move by expressing their support over social media.

According to an article in Pretty 52, dating app Jauma used data from its 40 million users to see if certain astrological signs attract more dates. Apparently they do, with Scorpios receiving the most likes (12 percent) and Libras coming in second at 10 percent. Sagittarius unfortunately made the bottom of the list at 7 percent.

Critics point out that daters might be limiting themselves by ruling out certain astrological signs from their match list.

Annabel Gat, an astrologer and staff writer for Vice, offered this scathing rebuke: “Pop astrology would have you believe that you are only compatible with signs that share your element: fire, earth, air, or water. This is untrue. When looking at a birth chart, seeing planets in signs with the same element shows that the energy is harmonious or easy; however, people are not planets—and easy doesn’t always mean good! We all have entire birth charts which inform our compatibility much more than our sun signs do. And besides—it’s the hard work that people put into relationships that make them work as partners, not sun sign compatibility.”

While it’s true that on the surface, disqualifying someone from your match list because he’s a Capricorn seems superficial, and you could be missing out on a great relationship. But there are many filters people use in the matching process that seem superficial – such as placing restrictions on height or weight, or filtering matches because of a particular interest such as liking video games or being a Star Trek fan.

Is filtering by astrological sign any different from filtering out the folks who are Lakers fans when you prefer the Spurs?

While preferences are important when it comes to connecting, most experts say that daters should keep their options open. Analyzing a potential match by their astrological sign is an interesting exercise – but if you filter them out before meeting, you might be missing out.

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