Bumble Makes Dating Profiles More Stalkable With Instagram Integration

  • Monday, February 19 2018 @ 09:31 am
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Bumble & Instagram

Bumble is starting 2018 with another power move in its quest for global dating app domination. The female-focused app announced on January 23 that Bumble profiles would now support Instagram integration, allowing potential matches to scroll through each other’s photo feeds.

To activate the feature, simple visit the Edit Profile menu, select the “Connect Your Instagram” option, and grant Bumble access to your Instagram profile. Once approval is granted, your 24 most recent Insta-snaps will be displayed at the bottom of your Bumble profile.

The option is currently available for both Android and iOS, but only for Bumble Date and Bumble BFF. Instagram integration is not offered - at least not yet - for Bumble Bizz users.

As with many a dating app update, Instagram integration comes with a mix of pros and cons. On the pro side, sharing your Instagram feed is an easy way to jazz up your profile and make it stand out. It also potentially presents a deeper, more well-rounded picture of your life, giving potential dates a better sense of who they’re swiping on.

On the other hand, it could mean certain profiles are flooded with images that don’t meet Bumble’s community guidelines, including graphic hunting photos and the much-reviled shirtless mirror selfies. It also means having to think twice before posting each new photo to your feed (it may be fine for your friends, but is it really something you want potential dates to see?).

More concerningly, Instagram integration could make it much easier to uncover the real-life identity of users. As Chloe Bryan pointed out for Mashable, if your Instagram account contains significant personal details, or if you stick to the same username across various platforms, a tech-savvy match could dig up your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, too.

Realistically, they probably don’t even have to be that tech-savvy to do it. It’s standard practice these days to Google an online date before meeting up, and in the wrong hands, that near-effortless searchability can be downright dangerous.

Bumble is not the first major player in the dating world to cozy up to Instagram. Tinder right-swiped on the photo-sharing app back in 2015, hailing Instagram integration as a way to make profiles “a lot more colorful” and to eliminate the need to “put your Instagram handle in your profile description to tell your story.”

While we have yet to hear any particularly dire horror stories, it seems odd that in the three years between Tinder’s announcement and Bumble’s, other dating services aren’t scrambling to get on the Insta-integration wagon. And while it may not be trendy to eschew the ultra-trendy app, we have to consider it a good thing that the dating companies who have done it aren’t giving us even more reasons to panic about privacy.

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