Bumble Adds Feature to Allow You to Filter Matches

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Female-friendly app Bumble has added another new feature aimed at pleasing users and monetizing its offerings: the ability to filter matches not only on its dating platform, but also for its networking apps Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF.

The Filters feature allows users to sift through potential matches using a specific set of criteria, according to website Tech Crunch. One of the filters for Bumble Dating is by astrological sign, political leaning, or relationship type, and for Bumble Bizz you can filter by industry, for example. Users will be allowed to access two filters for free; they must pay for any additional filters.

The new feature is aimed at saving users time in their searches by limiting their choices to those who are most relevant to what they are looking for in a match, according to Tech Crunch.

And for different parts of Bumble members’ lives, they have different needs for connecting.

For example, if someone is looking for a job or to hire someone, they will want to filter potential candidates or opportunities by what is relevant to their career or industry. In the case of finding friends, someone might want a different set of criteria other than someone who works in the same industry. Typically, we find friends based on our interests, whether its yoga, hiking, photography, or whatever - so we have a basis for connection. Bumble allows users to filter for each platform separately.

Filters is also a handy tool for those who have definite deal-breakers, such as wanting sober matches only (especially if you’re part of an AA program), or those who feel the same way about politics that you do.

Bumble (which now claims 46 million users) has been expanding its platform beyond just a dating app with Bumble Bizz for career networking and Bumble BFF for finding new friends. The company recently launched in India, where it hopes to be the first app to offer a strong networking tool for women to connect with each other. The company also launched a content division, and is pursuing creative content opportunities for its platform (though what this looks like specifically is still unknown).

Filtering isn’t new to online dating, but it is a departure from the strategy of apps like Tinder, Tech Crunch points out. Instead of swiping through a ton of matches to find what you want, making the sheer number of choices the appeal, Bumble’s filtering allows you to automatically remove any choices that aren’t in line with your preferences. New filters on Bumble Dating include drinking, education, exercise, family plans, height, pets, political leaning, relationship type, religion, smoking, and star sign.

Additional filters can be purchased through Bumble Boost, its premium platform that users can join on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The filters are available on Android and iOS.