Bond Touch Bracelets Help You Stay Connected With Your Long-Distance Love

  • Thursday, February 20 2020 @ 12:11 pm
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Online dating has given us wonderful things and terrible things, and some things that are wonderful and terrible at the same time. It allows us to connect with potential partners all over the world (wonderful), but it also opens us to the possibility of falling in love with a perfect match who lives hours, miles or even oceans away (terrible). Despite what they say about absence and the heart growing fonder, and the ever-expanding number of communication tools that claim to bring us closer, long-distance relationships are hard.

Entrepreneurs are eager to find ways to help couples stay connected no matter where they are in the world. Bond Touch bracelets use haptic technology to let you and your dearest physically feel each other, even when you’re apart. When you touch your bracelet, your partner’s matching bracelet vibrates and lights up in the color of your choice, letting them know they’re on your mind. Bond Touch bracelets are waterproof up to three feet, with a battery life of up to four days and a variety of accessory bands that can be swapped to customize your style.

The Bond Touch app for iOS or Android enhances the experience. Set up your profile to display your photo and information about where you are in the world at that moment, like the time and local weather. The app also displays your touch history and counts down the days until you and your love will be together again. Bond Touch is currently working on incorporating a private, encrypted space into the app where couples can chat.

“Having personally experienced the challenges and longing that distance can cause, I was inspired to create Bond Touch to help others bridge the physical divide and keep their relationships thriving despite the miles,” said Christoph Dressel, founder and CEO of Bond Touch.

Dressel came up with the idea for the technology while away from his partner on Valentine’s Day. In search of a simple, tactile and meaningful way for long-distance partners to keep their connection alive, Dressel and his team started working on the project in 2013. The company officially launched in 2017 with a sold-out run of first generation Bond Touch bracelets. The second generation bracelets debuted in summer 2019.

Bond Touch bracelets retail for $98.00 USD for a pair of two. Although nothing can exactly replicate the feeling of being beside the one you love, wearable technology could be an interesting way for couples who frequently travel for work to remain close, or for online daters to connect with matches who live elsewhere in the world. Curious? Try Bond Touch bracelets for yourself.