That girl at the gym - she's on your dating site too

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If you've ever been a member of the gym, you've seen this girl. She's wearing a perfectly matched workout outfit, right down to the socks and the hair tie. Not a strand of her hair is out of place and it's clear that she's wearing a full face of makeup.

How does she expect to work out like that? Even a drop of sweat will send her makeup sliding off her skin or ruin her immaculate ponytail.

The thing is, if you watch her closely, she's not working out. She's walking around, "spotting" a friend who is on the bench press, bending over to drink from the water fountain, and maybe occasionally sitting on the leg curl machine, lazily doing reps on the lowest possible weight while texting on her cell phone.

She attends a gym, but not to work out. She likes the IDEA of working out, but she's really not in it for the exercise. Her real motive is to see and be seen.

On your online dating site, there are women just like this girl. They put up a profile full of beautiful pictures but then will respond to maybe 1 out of every 20-30 emails they receive. Is it because you aren't a good catch? Nope. It's because she's not really there to find a man. She's there to see and be seen.

That's not to say that she won't find someone to date on her online dating site, but generally these women have a super-high bar and will reject nearly every man that emails them, finding some little thing that is obviously wrong with him.

Why? Because it feels great to feel like you have your pick of dozens and dozens of men and that you have the luxury of rejecting nearly all of them. It's all the rush and excitement but with none of the commitment or other scary stuff.

So next time you email a super hot woman on your dating site and get no reply, remember, it's not you, it's her. Move on to the woman who is there for results, not just for the idea of online dating.