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I just checked and the paid membership option is now available. We first talked about this late last week (see Story). So to recap, according to this upgrade shows that you are serious about meeting someone. The real value here though, when you pay for the upgrade is your profile will now be highlighted in gold, in the search results. This means your profile will stand out from the others on the list. Advertising will also be removed from your main profile page and in its place a Gold Star will be presented. Thumbnail images from your profile will also contain a star icon.

What we didn't know last week was the cost of all this. Here is the break down (in USD):

  • 3 months costs $29.40 or $9.80 a month
  • 6 months costs $46.80 or $7.80 a month
  • 1 year costs $71.40 or $5.95 a month

Payment happens in one lump sum and there is no auto renewals. Most major credit cards are accepted. The prices are lower than most other dating sites but are they low enough? I don't really know but I think Markus should of sided on caution and lowered the prices some more. I don't think the features the upgrade provides, adds enough value. I hope Markus is willing to play around with the prices if not enough sales happen and not just yank the feature, which is what happened with paid virtual gifts.

Some statistics are given on the value of this upgrade. I'm not sure how reliable they are since this program was just launched. According to the PlentyOfFish subscriber page:

Men can expect women making first contact 9x more than before! ... Women can expect a 40% increase in first contacts.

After doing several searches and looking at about 50 pages of search results I haven't notice any Gold members yet. What they need to do is add a search option that only shows Serious Members Only.

On a side note, since does now offers a paid profile upgrade do you think they should change the dating sites slogan of 100% Free. Put Away Your Credit Card.? Comment on the story below with your ideas.

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