now Offers Paid Virtual Gifts

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  • Tuesday, December 02 2008 @ 12:32 pm
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  • Views: 3,873 started to offer paid virtual gifts last week. I was thinking when Marcus (the owner) first announced they planned to offering some paid features that they would go with real gifts instead of the virtual kind. I guess it makes sense to offer the virtual gifts first, since it is the easier of the 2 options. There is no need for the receivers address information to ship too and you will not have other delivery problems.

What I am shocked at is the price. Virtual gift prices range from $12 for a Beginner Orchid to $30 for and Elite Rose. There are 4 flowers in total to choose from. When purchased, this virtual gift will show up on top of the persons mail inbox you sent it too. It will stay there for 2 weeks and it includes a personalized message and a link to your profile. I find the prices pretty steep and from what I read on the forums most people seem to agree. The general feeling was people "prefer the smell of real roses to virtual ones". Maybe Marcus can strike a deal with 1-800-FLOWERS or some other company.

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