Plenty of Fish is Down - August 9, 2010

POF (Plenty of Fish)
  • Monday, August 09 2010 @ 09:12 am
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I have just started to see some visitor comments being submitted that the free online dating site Plenty of Fish is offline. POF looks to have been experiencing problems for the last couple of hours. The message that now appears when you visit the site is "The service is unavailable". Other visitors have reported seeing Memory errors which looks like it had when POF tried to send some email. Memory errors usually are caused by either faulty software or hardware. I would put my money on this being a hardware problem as I am sure any software used by the dating site is thoroughly tested before going live.

The last time we recorded Plenty Of Fish down was in May and like in other incidents the servers are usually back up and running properly in 5 to 10 hours.

We will update this post when we get more information.

Update #1: As of 12:30pm EST is still offline. We have had reports of multiple different error messages people have received when visiting the site. One person did mention that they could access the login and search pages of Plenty of Fish by using the link in an email notification from the dating site. I could not confirm this as I have deleted all of these emails. Can anyone else confirm?

Update #2: 2:20pm EST - A number of people have confirmed you can access POF through links in emails from the site, but you still cannot login.

Update #3: 6:03pm EST - It has been over 12 hours now since Plenty Of Fish went down. There is now a short official message posted about the problem on the site:

Plentyoffish is currently down as a result of multipul system failures and service will be restored later today.

There is a spelling mistake in the text but I guess POF has a few other more important matters to worry about for the moment. 😉

Update #3: 9:43pm EST - Well the only apparent progress as far as we know is that they have fixed the spelling of "multiple" in the message on the site. Seriously though, if it was multiple system failures, it could take a few more hours or even till tomorrow morning until things are back to normal. To fix this, hardware will have to be ordered and setup and then the OS will have to be installed. From there (depending on what type of servers went down, most likely database servers according to the error messages) IIS, MSSQL, or POFs messaging system will have to be reinstalled. Once all the software is installed and setup, then the actual profile data, email messages, etc.. have to be restored. It is a big job and it will take time.

Here is an interesting fact for those wondering what it takes to run an online dating site like Plenty Of Fish, back in 2009 Plenty of Fish had 3 web servers, 5 messaging servers and 5 database servers. Their database of user information was over 200 GB. For more fun facts on this dating site you can view our Plenty of Fish Statistics, Facts and History page.

Update #4: August 10, 2010 7:27am EST - I see that PlentyofFish is now up and running. I am making an educated guess here based on the comments but it looks like it went online sometime after 2:00am EST on August 10. In Pacific Standard Time (POF is hosting in BC, Canada) that would be after 11:00pm on August 9th, so the POF team were able to get everything working again that day, as their message said they would. By our count PlentyofFish was offline for about 20 hours (give or take an hour), the longest downtime for the site yet from what we can determine.

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