Online Dating Soars as Temperatures Plunge

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A number of Brits have been stuck at home last week due to the cold, and the ice and snow. A unforeseen effect of this is, many UK dating services are reporting a surge in traffic to their sites. Most people who are home alone for more than a day or so get sick of watching the TV and need something else to do, hello the internet. saw visitors on Tuesday and Wednesday rise by 27 percent when compared to a year ago. Likewise reported that traffic on Tuesday increased by 55 percent with the peak time coming in at 3:00pm and not the usual 11:00pm. Meanwhile the affairs website acknowledged a record gain of new members on Wednesday with the total for the 6 days up to and including Wednesday to be 2,567 new members. This is 37 percent more than usual. Most of these dating sites also report that the areas hit worse by this extreme weather, like Berkshire and Hampshire, are also seeing the most new members.

In the dating world, January has always been the busiest month, but this surge of traffic to dating sites in the UK shows that environmental conditions does effect business. Let us hope the weather changes soon so all these new visitors to UK dating sites can actually go out and meet the people they have been chatting with online. 😉

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