OkCupid Gets “Crazy”

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You may think that OkCupid is crazy enough as is. You would be wrong.

OkCupid is about to get even crazier, with the launch of a new app called Crazy Blind Date. It's not a new idea - Crazy Blind Date was originally launched back in 2007 and was taken down shortly thereafter - but it promises to be better this time around.

The blind date has been around for...well...probably as long as dating has. It's a staple of many people's love lives, but the Internet has not yet been able to recreate its magic. OkCupid is hoping to fill that void, by setting singles up on blind dates with only a few hours' notice.

Traditional online dating requires hours of work spent writing profiles, searching through potential candidates, and crafting intriguing messages. Crazy Blind Date takes only a few minutes so users can get straight to what matters most: meeting face to face.

Using the app couldn't get any easier:

  • Download the app for iPhone or Android.
  • Choose which nights of the week you're available for dates
  • Pick your favorite bar or coffee shop.
  • Let Crazy Blind Date do the rest.

Once the app finds a compatible date, it sends confirmations to the parties involved and the date is booked. An hour before the date is scheduled, an anonymous IM window is opened so the participants can start communicating and find each other easily.

Once the date is complete, Crazy Blind Date asks users to give feedback on the experience. If you had a good time, you're offered the opportunity to vouch for your date by purchasing credits, called "Kudos," on their behalf. One will cost $0.99 and ten, for really spectacular dates, will cost $2.99. The more Kudos a person collects, the higher priority they are given for future date assignments.

From a user's point of view, the Kudos system helps make sure that everyone is on his or her best behavior during the date. From OkCupid's point of view, the system is an innovation. "Never before has a dating app allowed singles to pay on a per-date basis, and to vary that payment based on the quality of the date itself," says Sam Yagan, Co-Founder of OkCupid.

Is a blind date the best way to lead to lasting love? Well...maybe not. But that's ok, because that's not the point. Crazy Blind Date isn't about helping you find your future spouse - it's about having fun. "A lot of dates aren't going to work, but you are going to meet someone interesting," Yagan told Mashable in an interview last month. "And you're going to have a lot of stories."