eHarmony now offering Premium Personality Profile!

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eHarmony is now offering an extended personality profile over and above their current free personality profile (which eHarmony claims it is a $40 value). They call it the "Premium Personality Profile" and offers the eHarmony member 15 additional aspects of personality. These aspects include social awareness, inquisitiveness and adventure.

According to eHarmony this gives the subscriber a deeper understanding about how there personality may impact their relationship. From a Yahoo article about this service, it states "The Premium Personality Profile was developed by eHarmony Labs and is based on a study of approximately 10,000 people. eHarmony Labs is led by a team of five PhDs with expertise in the fields of psychology, sociology and human relations.". This premium service will cost the eHarmony subscriber an additional one time fee of $9.99.

Is it worth it? I can't give a complete answer here, since I haven't taken it myself. Of all the personality profiles and matching systems offered by dating services I tend to trust eHarmony's the most, but I feel that eHarmony's current free profile contains enough information and is probably more than enough for almost all of its members. Plus, it sounds like the information gathered from the Premium Profile is not taken into account in eHarmony's matching system. If it is, what are the chances of the information coming into play since so few people have had a chance to use this new service. I would counsel eHarmony members to wait at least a few months to see how this new service is used before trying it out.

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