eHarmony Labs Free Relationship Check-Up

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The relatively new site, eHarmony Labs is now offering couples in a serious relationship of at least 3 months a web tool to perform a relationship check-up. Once the check-up is complete you will be offered relationship advice based on your answers.

The check-up consists of 60 questions and is designed to be taken consecutively by each person in the relationship. The questions will take approx 40 minutes to complete. After reviewing the test I found that eHarmony has taken this task as seriously as their profile matching system for singles. They ask in-depth and thought provoking questions that make you look at you and your partners relationship. Even if your relationship is not in trouble there is a good amount of information to learn about your partner from the check-up.

For more information or to take the "eHarmony Relationship Check-Up", head over to eHarmony Labs.