More Missed Dating Site Tidbits from 2007.

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Well, I finished updating the price lists for this year, for all the dating reviews (about a month late). I really should put all this information on one page to make it easier for people to do comparisons. I have actually been planning to do this for a while. What I want is to make a very detailed Dating Site Comparison Chart that is database driven so it will allow visitors to select multiple dating services and do side by side comparisons, plus some other neat things. Of course, the time to implement this functionality is what is holding me back at the moment. Anyways on to the few other tidbits I notice while checking out prices:

I had to rub my eyes and refresh the browser page for this one, the gay dating site, Outpersonals only has 3 or 12 month membership plans. Where is the one month? Currently a 3 month membership costs $49.96, so I guess Outpersonals are trying to see if they get more singles signing up at 3 months to offset the cost of losing the ones who only wanted to signup for one month. A mistake on there part in my opinion. The more active profiles a dating site has, the more members they will attract.

I also notice that UK Singles Connection have cut their membership costs in half. In October 2006, 1 Month cost £10.99 per month. Now it costs £4.99 (From $20 US to $9.99 US). A 6 month membership is down to 3.99 pounds. It looks like they are really trying to bring in new members with this price cut. I'm not sure if it is working since there where not meny members online when I was reviewing the prices. I'll have to check out some other UK dating services again.

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