New Features

  • Wednesday, April 02 2008 @ 01:09 pm
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  • Views: 2,847 recently updated their website with some new features. The main new feature is members now can have their photos verified. This works well in conjunction with verifying your income level since, some of the same documentation is needed to do both. Your photo and income level are the two most important parts of the profile on these types of dating sites and having them verified as authentic gives members who have performed this free service a huge advantage over non-verified members. Singles searching through profiles are much more likely to contact a verified member.

The searching of members has also been tweaked. You can now easily remove unwanted profiles from view and you now have the ability to do keyword searching. Keyword searching taked into account the text in the two essay profile questions. You also can now get your profile highlighted in the search results which draws the viewers eye to it first and makes it stand out much more.

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