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Well I installed the Little Black Book Facebook Application today. It's pretty easy to find. Do a search on "Little Black Book" in Facebook, it was the third item in the list for me. Make sure that the developer is as there are two other applications with similar names. Before installing the app I notice 3 reviews and 2 of them dealt with incompatibility problems. It appears (I have not confirmed this) that Firefox, Camino and Safari browsers have problems and will not work with this application. I shouldn't have any problems since I am using Internet Explorer 7. I don't think cutting out Firefox and Mac users was a good idea. I realize they are not the majority of web surfers but any complaints with the application are easily accessed and it looks bad. For this reason alone, I think should have delayed the release until these browsers are supported.

When I installed the app there where currently 67 daily active users which is 11% of the total install base (just over 600 users in total). Not a lot of people but it is a fairly new application and didn't really do a whole lot too promote it.

The first thing Little Black Book does is ask you a few questions. These include if you are single, your age, gender you are seeking and your location. Currently United States, Canadian and United Kingdom Facebook users can join. You then supply an email address or you can directly link to your account by using your user name and password. If you don't link your Facebook account with a Match account you can add in additional profile information about youself. This includes just basic personality traits.

From there, you can try matching yourself with people on facebook who have this application installed or you can try Matching your Friends. Matching your Friends allows you to select a person from a list of your Facebook friends. From there, you enter a little bit about them (if they haven't already done so) and then the application will show you some possible facebook matches in which you can give a thumbs up or down for. If you give a thumbs up the Little Black Book will send an email off to your friend to invite them to install the application to view their potential matches. You are also supposed to be able to buy unlocking keys at this point so you and your friend can find out more about this person and be able to contact them. I wasn't able to figure out how (not a good sign).

Matching yourself with the Little Black Book (called Match Me) works very similar to Matching your friends, the only difference is you would be purchasing keys to unlock your own matches. The problem is, I was not able to use Match Me. Initially when I installed the application I had told it, I was not single. If you do this, the Match Me feature is disabled. I could not find a way to change my single status. The about me profile section doesn't allow you to change any of the information you initialy entered. Uninstalling and then reinstalling the application did not fix this problem. I just have to ask, what happens if someone moves or does become single. If you are using this application, I guess it is tough luck! does most things right with there dating website and its popularity proves this. There Little Black Book Facebook application is another matter. In my opinion it has a clunky interface and many bugs. In about 3 spots I notice broken images, this is not professional, especially since this is a paid service. A help section would of been nice and maybe would of gotten me out of a few jams and given me less to complain about. There where also a few spots like uploading a photo where if you didn't want too, there was no way to move on except by hitting the web browsers back button. If I was grading this application it would receive an F. For being a paid service Match should of put this application through a few more design, development and testing cycles. Maybe the Facebook programming interface is partly to blame, I don't know, I'm just surprised a company like would release something so poorly designed. Maybe the next version will be better.