"Cut and Paste" Profiles

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Something I have never really thought of came to my attention a couple of days ago. The Wall Street Journal has a piece about singles stealing parts of or in some cases the entire profile of singles from dating services. In most cases this comes down to either the dating profiles heading or the profiles essay answers which usually includes such topics as describing who you are looking for in your own words. The article post examples of where even the opposite sexes have stolen entire profiles and which they had only just changed the gender information.

Headlines of profiles I have less issue with and in fact profiles with the same headline most likely happened more by accident. There are only so many ways to sum up yourself in one sentence. It also can be hard once you see a good headline to get it out of your head when you are trying to think one up for yourself. Plus, headlines like "Must Love Dogs!" are important. If the person wants to be with someone who loves dogs then reusing the same headline doesn't create any real problems (unless of course, the profiles come up next to each other in the search results). If the headline is from someone's profile who lives a fair distance away or from another dating site and, you can't think up one yourself that is similar then, I would go ahead and use it.

Profile essay are by far the hardest part to write of any dating profile. Especially, if writing is not your strong point. It's a lot easier for some people to just cut and paste this part with someone else but in the end they are not doing themselves any good. I find these essays are a good tool to help you reflect on who you are actually looking for. Even if you are a poor writer this is a useful exercise. Once written you can then review it with friends and family who could then help you rewrite it. If this is not an option, there are also a number of inexpensive profile writers available online that could help you (type "dating profile help" into Google Search). Some of the larger dating services like Match.com also offer a profile review service for an additional cost.