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New Ads

As per this recent story, to Spend $40M on TV Ads, it looks like new TV ads called "Chemistry Vows" will be coming to a TV near you. The four new commercials will appear on the NBC network along with Bravo, HGTV, TBS and A&E. After viewing the commercials and seeing the list of networks the commercials will be aired on, Chemistry is definitely targeting the 30 and older crowd. This makes sense since Chemistry is all about the long term relationship, something that most 20 to 29 year olds are not looking for yet, either do to school or job advancement, etc.

New Feature

To improve members experience with online dating, Chemistry has added the feature "You've Been Noticed". This feature allows members to find out who has viewed their profile. According to Chemistry:

You've Been Noticed helps members take the next step to finding a serious relationship by encouraging an introduction.

Most generic dating services have this feature already and it is something I think all dating sites need as it promotes more communication. If you know someone has viewed your profile you're more likely to contact them.

It seems that the two of the biggest long term relationship and in-depth matching system dating sites (eHarmony and Chemistry) are trying to figure out what their members want. These services are all about the detailed profile and matching systems and they are quit rigid in their communication process. In reality, Chemistry and eHarmony are selling this process of communication and how to go about meeting singles online. With competition so furious it looks like both sites are tinkering with this process to try and attract more members. eHarmony this year has already added two features, the Who Has Viewed Me feature and the ice breakers dating feature. The eHarmony "Who Has Viewed Me" feature is exactly the same as's "You've Been Noticed".

New Country

The Chemistry dating service has only been available in the United States up to this point but, since February 2008, Canadians can now sign up. I'm not sure if the Canadian dating site is any different and if they will matchup Canadians with Americans (or Vice Versa) if they live close enough? I'll have to go online and check that out.

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