Chemistry has added a Relationship Experts Blog
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While I was over at Chemistry checking out some review information I notice that they have revamped their home page. It looks like they have added a new dating blog called The Great Mate Debate where Chemistry relationship experts can blog away about online dating, relationships and of course Chemistry! After looking over the blog I found it to be well laid out, with some interesting articles. Most important their Experts actually have half decent resumes that deal with relationships and advice. A lot of so called relationship experts on other blogs are experts just because they put the word expert after there name.

Of course Chemistry isn't the first be any means to add a relationship blog. Relationship blogs has been popular for a while with other dating sites and some have taken the form of more a online magazine than a blog. What's the difference? The main difference really is the style of writing. Blogs usually have a more journal like feel to it's writing. Blogs also tend to allow users to comment on their articles more than the online magazines do.

Here is a list of some blogs and magazines from other popular dating sites: