Displays Total Number of Members
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  • Views: 3,431 now displays a member count on their homepage. As of writing, there are 1,071,634 member profiles available on this dating service. Since it is free to place a lifetime ad at, this number shouldn't be confused with the number of active members. The number being displayed is the number of members who have joined since it started, which was around 2001. Active members refers to members who routinely log in and use the site. Unfortunately there is no standard measurement for this so some dating sites count an active member as someone who has logged in within 2 years while others count a member as active when someone logs in at least once a month.

While this number is not the number of active members it still represents a large number of profiles. This probably means that Millionaire Match has tens of thousands active members. You should also remember that all free members can reply to a paid members email so this can greatly increase your chances of finding a match when you compare Millionaire Match to other Sugar Daddy dating sites.

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