To woo in advertisers IAC released some updated statistics for Here is what we know:

In terms of demographics:

It's great to see starting to release some statistics but, a few things caught my eye. The first being about 12 couples getting married every day. eHarmony says on average 236 members get married every day (see Story). We will have to take a closer look at this point in a later post and see why there is such a difference. Another point that was interesting was about the 2.8 million members who connect. Is this the number of actual paid subscribers on in a year? Every quarter releases the number of subscribers they have, which lately has been from 1.3 to just over 1.4 million people. Of course this doesn't mean if you add up all the quarters you would get the total number of subscribers for the year as the same person could be a subscriber in quarter 1 and in quarter 2. The last point of interest was about members going out on 6 million dates a year. This could be taken a number of ways but let's assume they mean members dating each other. This would mean of the 2.8 million subscribers in a year, on average at you will go out on 2 dates.

Here is the IAC Advertising Solutions web page for Since yesterday they have actually updated their PDF and removed some information. For the original PDF released by them that includes all the stats listed, read our local copy of Statistics for 2008 and 2009.

For more general information on this dating service, read our review.

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